Aluminum Fencing

aluminum fence and a beautiful garden

If you’re looking for the strength and durability of a metal fence but don’t want the cost and maintenance or weight of iron then aluminum is the material for you.  It is an astonishingly flexible material that the skilled craftsmen at Master Fencing Wilmington NC can tailor to fit any property style and any requirement for strength or security including adding spikes if that’s what your situation demands. Modern aluminum fencing comes with hidden picket fixings and invisible screws which along with the range of coatings means that your aluminum fencing can be smooth and refined looking without compromising its strength and security.


Aluminum costs far less than the traditional metal alternative of wrought iron and because of the amazing array of different pickets and parts available it is possible to get what is essentially a bespoke fence tailored for your property but assembled from off the shelf components.  That means you can afford an amazing fence to fit even the most unusually shaped boundaries.  Some aluminum fencing can actually cost less than wood and is typically cheaper to install so talk to Master Fencing Wilmington NC about just how affordable your dream aluminum fencing can be.


Wood can rot and soften, wire chain link can be cut, many traditional fence types can quite easily be scaled by intruders but an aluminum fence won’t get weaker with the years and if properly designed can be a serious deterrent for intruders or a reliable safety feature around water to keep your family and furry family members safe and sound. Properly constructed by the fence masters at Master Fencing Wilmington NC an aluminum fence can provide total protection for your property and your family now and for years to come.

Rust Free

Unlike iron aluminum is immune to rusting which makes maintenance much easier even if the fencing is exposed to weather and to water.  Which makes it great around swimming pools and areas that are regularly watered with sprinklers.  Furthermore the powder coating that is used to bond with the metal to add color and texture adds a further protective layer and will last a lifetime. That powder coating means that your aluminum fencing can be black, bronze, silver, mat, gloss or satin finished so it will look great and keep on looking great.


Rakability has nothing to do with maintenance; it’s the angle of the land that your fence can be safely built on. Aluminum is excellent for dealing with sloping land and multi levels because of its strength and flexibility. That means no gaps in the fence no matter what kind of grades you have to take into account in the border of your property. If your property is on a slope or your ideal boundary has to meander up and down a grade then aluminum is the material of choice for a faultless fence in terms of both looks and security. Talk to the metal masters at Master Fencing Wilmington NC about how an aluminum fence can best cater to the contours of your property. 

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